The regional Network of PVE practitioners of Southeast Asia (SEAN-PVE) and its Preparatory Working Group of PVE Practitioners of Southeast Asia (PWG-PVE) is being designed as a networking, knowledge-sharing and learning platform for Southeast Asian practitioners working in initiatives that support preventing and countering violent extremism leading to terrorism with the purpose of gathering and disseminating relevant regional information and good practices.

Preparatory working phase of SEAN-PVE lays the ground for facilitating the development of a future sustainable Regional PVE Network and provides its members with relevant tools and opportunities to develop effective responses to prevent and counter violent extremism:

  • Networking: PWG-PVE allows members to know who is doing what in the PVE field in Southeast Asia and how to contact them.

  • Knowledge gathering and sharing: PWG-PVE identifies the latest challenges and trends in preventing and countering violent extremism. It provides a link to the most updated research, good practices, events, and successful evidence-based initiatives that could inspire other practitioners and/or countries to develop their own measures.

  • E-learning platform: PWG-PVE provides training and updated knowledge on preventing and countering violent extremism, granting free access to its members to e-learning content, manuals, training materials, thematic webinars, podcasts and others.

The PWG-PVE is not a law enforcement or intelligence network. The sharing of sensitive information, intelligence or any other information related to on-going criminal investigation is excluded.

SEAN-PVE is generously funded by the Government of Japan (since April 2018 to date).